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SizeGenetic UK review the penis enlarger, extender does it work, how does it work, proof of working. Where to buy SizeGenetics using discount code

SizeGenetics Review UK

SizeGenetics is the best selling penis enlargement device in not just the UK but the USA and across Europe.

It has been in existence for over a decade and evolved from being used solely by the medical profession into an affordable commercial device for extending the length of girth of a penis.

Every industry has its benchmark, the premier product to which the competition tries to emulate. The SizeGenetics device was the first penis enlargement product to be introduced using traction technology and granted the CE mark of approval UNE-EN ISO 9001:2000.

Sizegenetics is only available from the official website – there are several different option to choose from.

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  • Increase length – can add inches to your penis both in erect and flaccid states
  • Increase girth – add width to the base of your penis
  • Improves rigidity – helps to strengthen and stiffen your erections
  • Improves ejaculation – helps you to control your sexual prowess
  • Straightens curvatures – helps penile correct penile curvature
  • Recommended by surgeons used by surgeon and enlargement specialists

What Is SizeGenetics And How Does It Work

Originally designed by and for the medical profession to straighten penile curvature (Peyronie’s Disease), the SizeGenetics enlargement device fits easily around the penis applying slight but consistant traction over time.

As a result, your penis begins to grow new tissue cells leading to an increase in both the length and girth of your penis. It can easily and discreetly be worn under your trousers even while you are at work or even when you are sleeping.

The penis just like any other human body part that is made up of skin, muscle, sinue and blood can be increased in definition by exercise. Your penis is no different.

SizeGenetics In The Press And Media Attention

The biggest obstacle facing the penis enlargement industry is that it is very much something that is still considered taboo for the mainstream media. It is unlikely to be featured in daily newspapers or advertised on television particularly before the watershed.

SizeGenetics has though made several appearances largely due to its premier status. Perhaps the most noteworthy being featured on the Jonathan Ross show, GQ Magazine and more recently put to the test on Channel 4’s Extreme Male Beauty

Channel 4’s Tim Shaw set out to experiment if using the SizeGenetics would increase the size of his own penis – he video’d his progress and broadcast for all to see.

How Long Does It Take To Work

Depending on how long you wear the device will effect results. The device can be worn for just a few hours a day up to 10 hours a day.

Normal usage is considered 4 hours per day with results starting to show after just a few weeks of use.

GQ Magazine’s James Mullinger undertook his own experiment and within 4 months enlarged his penis from 6.8″ to 7.3″

What Results Can I Expect

In terms of a percentage typical results show an increase in both length and girth of up to 30%.

What If It Doesn’t Work Is There A Guarantee

The product is fully guaranteed for 6 months – if for whatever reason you have not experienced satisfactory results you will be entitled for a full refund.

Whats Included In The Box

There are 3 ways to purchase, you can buy the device only (Standard Edition), The middle package which contains the new 16 way comfort strap and leather case or the full kit which contain many extras.

Is It Recommended Does SizeGenetics Work

The kit varies in price depending on which package is chosen. Only penis enlargement surgery can offer similar results. Surgery can cost upwards of £2000 and can be subject to complications which do not bear thinking about.

The SizeGenetics systems is in a class of its own.

Where To Buy SizeGenetics In The UK

Only available to buy direct form the official website.    Buy Sizegenetics direct