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Male Extra review, the natural substitute and alternative to viagra to treat erectile dysfunction and help erection problems, where to buy male Extra in the UK

Male Extra Review UK

Male Extra blue bottleMale Extra is the orally taken tablet designed to enhance the physical attributes of the penis as well as increasing libido, sexual prowess and treating erectile dysfunction.

In other words if you want to achieve a longer, thicker and more rigid erection, safe in the knowledge that when the time arises you will not be left wanting or praying that your penis responds – then this is the supplement for you.

Regular customers may have noticed a change in packaging. Out goes the older square blue box and in comes the newer black bottle

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Male Extra works in a similar way to the prescription only drug Viagra by increasing blood flow allowing the penis to realise its full potential. Male Extra is made from natural ingredients and can be bought direct from the manufacturers website without prescription.

What Does Male Extra Do – Benefits

  • Male Extra what does it doIncrease blood flow to the penis – poor blood flow to the penis is a major contributor to erectile dysfunction
  • Experience harder, more rigid erections – realise the full potential of your erection
  • Maintain your erection for longer – achieve harder and better quality erections
  • Increase sensitivity and sensation of orgasm – experience a higher sexual pleasure upon ejaculation
  • Enlarge the length and girth of your penis – ultimately enlarge the proportions of your penis

What is In Male Extra – Ingredients

The formula consists of natural and known aphrodisiacs from around the world that have been engineered to provide maximum benefit.

The main key ingredients is Pomegranate Extract – this no ordinary pomegranate though it is 70% Ellagic.

Just to give you an idea of the strength and how well thought of pomegranate 70% is, it is often described as ‘natures viagra’. each packet of Male Extra contains the equivalent of 500 pomegranates.

Male Extra also contains L-Arginine which another essential substance that has been used in every continent to naturally increase libido and raise sexual prowess.

Male Extra Side Effects

Made from 100% natural ingredients and substances that do not cause side effects or adverse reactions if taken in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines and usage instructions.

There are of course drugs available via prescription that can create the same desired effect, Viagra springs to mind – but drug classed medication can often create just as many problems as they solve.

Viagra can be prone to side effects, such as blurred vision, headaches and the latest reports suggest deafness.

Male Extra is the natural alternative – made from ingredients that have served mankind well for centuries from all four corners of the globe.

Male Extra also comes bundles with the excellent Penis Health – the award winning penis exercise programme on DVD (or online) designed to teach you how to lengthen and widen your penis permanently by using enlargement techniques practised the world over.

The penis is just like any other body part that contains skin, muscle and blood and can be physically enhanced with exercise. Bodybuilders are testament to this fact.

Is Male Recommended

Thoroughly recommended – if you are considering using a supplement to aid a flagging libido, have erection problems such as erectile dysfunction or simply want to experience a more fulfilling sex life then give Male Extra serious consideration.

Where To Buy Male Extra In The UK

Male Extra blue bottleAvailable to buy direct from the official website, there is 6 months money back guarantee in place from date of purchase. If the product does not live up to expectation or reputation you are entitled to a full refund.

All are made with absolute discretion and all packages are unmarked.

There are special offers available from time to time, currently a 15% discount is in place for 3 months packages and above. Simply visit the official website and input the discount code MEX15 at the checkout.

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